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How I Work

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How I Work

My Astrological Approach

The astrological approach that I use is a model developed by American astrologer, Noel Tyl, who, in 1970, merged motivational Need Theory with astrology.

Need Theory explains how the needs of people will affect their actions and how the type of motivation that each individual is driven by, derives from their life experiences.

This humanistic approach to astrology looks at the interpretation of the horoscope to help identify the reasons and the origins for our behaviour and our interaction with our environment.

It is geared towards self-knowledge and personal development and ultimately, provides a solution for individual advancement.

Benefits of an Astrological Consultation

An astrological consultation can give you clarity and focus in your life and helps you align your decisions and motivation to your unique life journey. It re-energises your life and helps you move forward with more determination and enthusiasm. A consultation will;

  • give you a better understanding of current and future developments,
  • help to clarify possible options for coming months,
  • help to give you focus on relationships,
  • help you to explore professional opportunities that may be presenting themselves,
  • give you new insights about your own potentials, perceptions and challenges
  • give you new insights into how you interact with people and how they interact with you.

Good decision-making is a skill. For some people, it is a skill that comes easily, and for others, it is a moment of stress. Why? Because sometimes we are presented with so many choices, or not enough choices, and this makes us anxious and confused.

This can create tension within us and with our family and friends and even after we’ve made the decision, there can always be a feeling of regret.

Therefore, the skill of good decision-making is becoming increasingly important because we are constantly being presented with a variety of choices, both with the simple things in life and the serious things.

Even when we are not aware, we are constantly making choices all the time and we forget how complex and difficult this process can be.

About Me

I have always been interested in everything supernatural and occult but my passion with astrology was ignited when I sent off for an astrology report when I was about 15 or 16. I was amazed by this brief report (with no chart) and I began to read up about anything astrology. However, my school work and university and career kind of put all of this on the back burner. But it was always there, niggling in my mind and learning more about astrology was a constant ‘need' that had to be satisfied.

I studied Electrical and Electronic Engineering at university and then began my career in Barclays Bank, in networks and operations. In my free time, I would read as much as I could in astrology and would manually create astrology charts which was hard work, but fun.

I think that if I had to repeat my academic life, I would study psychology. The astrology I do now in conjunction with my work has so much to do with psychology, organisational behaviour and motivational theories. My business involves a lot of self-improvement and personal development, as well as management, leadership and self-improvement. My unique style of astrology consultations is based on the understanding of one's self and one's life journey and ultimately, this style of astrology leads to self-growth and development.

And so... I have now decided to place more emphasis in my life on my astrology. My Astrology Coaching and Personal Development programme is a powerful blend of the astrology of a person and their own customised development plan. This has proven to be very effective for my clients and I have achieved a lot of success with this process.


neferium is a combination of 2 words: nefer + ium
The word 'nefer' is derived from the ancient Egyptian word or hieroglyph ‘nfr’ which means ‘perfect’, ‘most excellent’, ‘beauty’. nefer is used to convey the concept of all things good and perfect.

-ium is a Latin suffix. Other than being used for metallic elements, it also symbolises 'a living structure'.

Taken together, neferium symbolises..."a most excellent living structure" which can be applied to the smallest living creature to the enigmatic planets and the universe.

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