Electional Astrology

What is Electional Astrology?

Of all things possible with astrology, electional astrology is probably the most exciting and coolest!

If you are someone who believes in “going with the flow of the universe” then electional astrology is for you. This thrilling discipline of astrology helps you to ‘elect’ the right thing to do at the right moment. When used to its fullest potential, electional astrology makes anyone’s life easier.

Electional astrology is also known as event astrology. It is a form of astrology that focusses on using astrology to plan the best time to initiate an action or undertaking. In ancient times, this science was used primarily for a state's government affairs which included coronations, royal weddings, going to war, and making peace.

However, electional astrology has moved out of the realms of government and royalty into the hands of every person and now we can use it to plan the best time for weddings, starting work, relocating or selling property, and even starting a business.

As you can see, the ripples of electional astrology are far-reaching. Its application can help to determine success but remember that success is relative and success is not always immediate. It can help to prevent failure, and likewise, failure is relative with there being many different levels of failure.

In addition, what can be seen a failure now may be viewed as a success in the long-term.


The Purpose of Electional Astrology

Electional astrology is not a tool that can be used to defeat every negative thing that can happen in a person’s life nor to cancel out any challenging aspects present in a birth chart; this is not possible with electional astrology.

Challenges and obstacles can be used as techniques to help develop a person, and, in fact, should be used as a method of self-development. Challenges can be seen as opportunities to improve. 

What electional astrology does do is to provide a person with a guiding light to illuminate their natal chart giving them a wider perspective of what is happening around them. Electional astrology allows you to choose options and make decisions that are aligned with the energy of the planets and the stars.

Because “there is no such thing as a perfect electional horoscope”, an electional chart will suggest favourable times  that will help you move forward, and will help you avoid any challenging aspects indicated by your natal chart, or, at the very least, it will allow you to handle them more easily, confidently, and positively (forewarned is forearmed). So, whichever moment in time you elect, it will probably always have its unique challenges.

My aim as an electional astrologer is to find the best time or times that will allow you to navigate your life journey calmly and with more flexibility.

My Perspective on Electional Astrology

Electional astrology is not an exact science even though there are specific rules for creating an electional chart. I believe that we all write our own destiny; that is, we all choose our own destiny and fate depending on the decisions and life choices we make. In addition, I do not believe that once we have ‘found’ the best moment to start a particular venture that we just take a back seat and wait for everything to fall into place! I do believe however, that electional astrology opens a doorway to the hidden energy of the universe and the energy in a person’s birth chart and the potential synergy that exists.

It is our decision to make use of this energy and to take advantage of the moment.

Those people who plan and strategise in life do indeed bring with them a lot of knowledge, skills, abilities and intelligence... and are very likely to succeed in ventures they undertake. Electional astrology can be used as a tool to reinforce these decisions and to even provide better ‘intelligence’ on selecting times that may provide ‘better successes'. There are equally those people who do not have the foresight or knowledge to make strategic decisions and here again, electional astrology can provide the necessary ‘intelligence’ to plan for success.

Election charts are informative... selecting a great election time will not excuse a person from participating and contributing to a task in a positive and significant way.

Date, Time, and Finality

When we choose a date for an action astrologically, we select the moment for this action to be born. When we know the goals of the client and what they want to initiate, we pick the chart that seems to support them most effectively.

We select the time that we want the action to take its “first breath” by designing the moment we have chosen using specific intentions and outcomes in mind that we bring alive in the electional chart.

However, in practical terms, we will be limited in choices; there will usually be time windows to consider which could be hours, days, or even months. For example, any time in April, or any weekend in June and July, or UK business hours between the 8th and 12th of March, etc. My task would be to pick the strongest or most auspicious moment of time or times within the time windows.

Finality is when we perform the last possible thing to initiate a project before it is totally out of our hands. For example, a contract is not final when you sign it. We can sign it or save it in our email folder, but only when it is sent is it final. Or in a marriage, the moment of finality could be when the bride and groom say “I do” or when the words “I now pronounce you man and wife” are spoken. 

Determining the moment of greatest finality is absolutely crucial in electional astrology - it indicates the place, date, and time for the creation of the electional chart.